Terms of Service

We are grateful to have you as a customer.  Our job at Mama Earth Farm is to grow healthy, vibrant produce that is nourishing and safe for you to eat.  When you purchase food from Mama Earth Farm, you, as the customer, understand that the crew at Mama Earth Farm practices food safety by ensuring that hands are washed, tools are cleaned, boxes are inspected and cleaned, and the food is fresh.  When you purchase our produce, you, as the customer, agree that you are making a choice to buy food from Mama Earth Farm and your purchase is a statement that you trust we have done our job to sell you quality, safe food.  By purchasing our food, you, as the customer, agree that you accept responsibility for your choice to buy our food and will not accuse Mama Earth Farm or any person involved with Mama Earth Farm of being accountable for your health in any way.  You, as the customer or consumer, agree that the owners of Mama Earth Farm are not responsible for your health and you understand that the owner's goal is to do their best to support your health by providing fresh food for purchase.