Terms of Service

We are grateful to have you as a customer.  Our job at Mama Earth Farm is to grow and sell healthy, vibrant produce that is nourishing and safe for you to eat. 


By purchasing produce from Mama Earth Farm, you, as the customer, agree that you are making a choice to buy food from Mama Earth Farm and your purchase is a statement that you trust we have done our job to sell you quality, safe food.  When you purchase food from Mama Earth Farm, you, as the customer, are letting us know you understand that the crew at Mama Earth Farm does their best to practice food safety by ensuring that hands are washed, tools are cleaned, boxes are inspected and cleaned, and the food is fresh.  Although we do our best to prevent food spoilage and we try to only sell food in a fresh condition, you agree Mama Earth Farm is not responsible for normal food spoilage from produce being left on a porch, in a car, outside, or in a refrigerator for too long. By purchasing our food, you, as the customer, agree that you accept responsibility for your choice to buy food from Mama Earth Farm and will not accuse Mama Earth Farm or any person involved with Mama Earth Farm of being accountable for your health in any way.  By purchasing food from Mama Earth Farm, you, as the customer or consumer, agree that the owners of Mama Earth Farm are not responsible for your health and you understand that the owner's goal is to do their best to support your health by providing fresh food for purchase. Wash our produce before eating.


By signing up for our prepacked box service, CSA program (community supported agriculture) you agree that your account will be active until you either cancel your account or communicate to Mama Earth Farm that you want your account cancelled.  


Mama Earth Farm will automatically cancel accounts that have past due balances or don't respond to our communication through phone, text, or email.

By signing up for our service you agree to us using email, phone, or text to contact you through the contact information you provide when signing up.


Mama Earth Farm grows, packs, and sells produce.  We grow the majority of what we sell and we also source produce from other California farms to make our service more complete and diverse. All produce we sell is either organic or 100 percent naturally grown.


By signing up for our service, you agree to pay in full for our advertised services that you sign up for including box price, delivery fee, and add on additional charges.