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CSA stands for community supported agriculture.  Purchasing a box of our fresh produce strengthens your connection to your local food system while supporting local, small scale, family run agriculture.   

What box should I pick?

We offer a few different box options.  The 3 basic sizes all have some of the same items but in different quantities.  You can always swap items, delete items, or add items to your next delivery.  If you are a light veggie eater we recommend the simple small box.  If you eat lots of produce we recommend the lifestyle large box and if you are somewhere in between we offer the mighty medium!  All will have fresh produce from our farm that is picked and packed within a day to a day and a half of you getting your delivery.  All produce in your box will be grown with organic compost or organic fertilizers and modern sustainable practices. 

Our menu changes with the season, check out what we have this week!  *Menu not available in preseason signups.  Delivery season begins at the end of April or Early May and continues until December.

Local food creates community

Know your farmers, know your food!

So many of the things we depend on come from far off places that we really know nothing about.  Buying local food is a great way to connect with the source of something you depend on.  Our members are welcome to visit our farm and you can even help if you wish.

Connect kids to local farms for a good future!

Although agriculture became hugely unpopular in America, it is still just as important as ever.  Our youth has to be familiar with farming to sustain our food supply.  Small scale, organic farming is actually becoming more popular and you and our farm are real proof.

Healthy Soil makes a Healthy You!

Nutrient rich, organic produce is the best health care. Just add exercise and a grateful state of mind and you're on your way to bliss! Enjoying the flavors, colors, and aromas of our food is the first step to good digestion.

We also have a flower "box!"

Our weekly or bi weekly produce boxes include a seasonal assortment of:

 Salad mix, snap peas, chard, carrots, kale, parsley, zucchini, tomatoes, strawberries, radishes, bell peppers, fennel, garlic, potatoes, raspberries, cucumbers, artichokes, peaches, grapes, beets, spinach, sprouts, eggplant, basil, butternut, nectarines, arugula, apples, blueberries and more.

Don't like beets? no problem...just swap them for something you love.  Easily create a do not send list if there are produce items you dislike!

Each week you can swap or add items for your next delivery.  You can also put future deliveries on hold for vacation, update payment and delivery information, and switch pickup locations.


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