Farm fresh produce boxes available weekly or every other week, Customize your share.

Grown in El Dorado county with well water, certified organic compost, and organic seeds

Flexible weekly or biweekly produce boxes

How it works

-choose box size (Larger or Smaller)

-choose pickup location   

(many local options)

-choose frequency

(weekly or biweekly)

-choose payment plan

(Many payment options)

-enter contact info 

(name, email, address)

-select payment type

(pay with check, debit or credit)

-Customize your box

-Pick up your first delivery and enjoy

2018 deliveries begin May 9


 A larger share for veggie lovers! Each box is put together to have a value around $30. You can add more if you please or swap or omit items! Actual box cost will reflect your changes. Choose your pick up location, choose your box size and how often you want it.  Even place a hold if you go on vacation!  


A little less for the lighter eater. Each box is put together to have a value around $20. You can add more or swap or omit items.  Actuall box cost will reflect your changes.  Choose your pick up location, choose your box size and how often you want it.   Even place a hold if you go on vacation!

Click this button to view our pick up locations and schedule

Local food creates community

Know your farmers

So many of the things we depend on come from far off places that we really know nothing about.  Buying local food is a great way to connect with the source of something you depend on.  Our members are welcome to visit our farm and you can even help if you wish.

Connect kids to local farms

Although agriculture became hugely unpopular in America, it is still just as important as ever.  Our youth has to be familiar with farming to sustain our food supply.  Small scale, organic farming is actually becoming more popular and you and our farm are real proof.  

Healthy Soil makes Healthy Food and a Healthy You!

Nutrient rich, organic produce is the best health care.  Just add exercise and a grateful state of mind and you're on your way to bliss!  Enjoying the flavors, colors, and aromas of our food is the first step to good digestion.

What's in the box

Our weekly or bi weekly produce boxes include a seasonal assortment of:

 Salad mix, snap peas, chard, carrots, kale, parsley, zucchini, tomatoes, strawberries, radishes, bell peppers, fennel, garlic, potatoes, raspberries, cucumbers, artichokes, beets, spinach, sprouts, eggplant, basil, butternut, peaches, arugula and more. 

Don't like beets? no problem...just swap them for something you love.


Each week (or every other week!) you can:

-choose items in your box

- easily put your box on hold

-update your payment method

 $20 box option or $30 box option.  

Try our 2 week trial

First time customers can try our 2 week trial for $50.  Get all the perks of a regular share with low financial commitment.

Terms of Service

By signing up for the weekly or biweekly fresh produce boxes provided by Mama Earth Farm, you as the customer agree to pay for the produce you order and you agree to pick up your order at the pickup location you choose upon signing up.  You can easily change your pickup location and or put your share on hold but you agree to take these actions at least 4 days prior to your previously selected delivery date otherwise you will still be obligated to pay for your delivery until we have been properly notified.  Mama Earth Farm does not provide refunds for fresh produce shares  (produce boxes) or online store orders that have already been ordered.  You are not obligated to continue signing up and you can quit anytime after you have used up your payed balance or you as the customer can forfeit your balance or choose to find someone else to pick up your ordered produce.  Under all circumstances, if you select to pay by check, you are agreeing to pay Mama Earth Farm your debt in full.  By signing up for our produce boxes and or placing an online order, you agree to forfeit your order if you do not pick it up at your selected pickup location.  Under all circumstances Mama Earth Farm reserves the right to not deliver an order that has not been paid in full prior to delivery date. By agreeing to our terms of service, you accept that you may not like or use some of the produce items you receive and you agree that it is your responsibility to make changes according to our terms of service.  By signing up for a service provided by Mama Earth Farm including using our online store, you, the customer, agree Ben and Mary Woods and the Mama Earth Farm business are not accountable for your health in any way.